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   through the flight. developing details ahead. >>brian: many americans outraged at the football coach who dumped his entire team to teach them a lesson days before homecoming but his character building exercise just might have worked. this morning they earned their jerseys back. at least some of them did. and wait until you see how. "fox & friends" final show of the week unless elisabeth gets her way and we work through the weekend, starts now. >> hi. this is peter frampton here. you're watching "fox & friends." >>steve: welcome aboard live from studio e. we've got this brand-new furniture that we've been taking very good care of. >>brian: been scotch guarded. >>steve: brian suggested we put the plastic -- >>brian: like grandma.
   show some signÑi of western weakness there as, you know, pre-iranian forcesÑi are trying to gain -- >>steve: that particular picture is in aÑi restaurant heinzñr kerry, john kerry and mr. and mr. assad. >>brian: he says he is an agent for change. when nancy pelosi said no to president bush, when president bushbu(r" don't go there in 2007,Ñi we've isolated syria, they do not deserve high level diplomatic relations she defied and said they are going to be an agent for peace. that was proifphetic. i don't thinkÑi so. >>anna: that is why so many died. >>brian: ourÑi coverage of the syria crisis continues. up next general jack keane on exactly how the president's delay will onlyÑi h
   mine was a person was a company. ahead a big production company. i hung on to my people too long. i kept saying we'll get one more movie and make it work and it didn't happen, i said, dudes, i can't recover. that's what happened. now i downsized everything. now, you don't hao, with technology, i wish it had been around when i first started, you don't have to have all this stuff. a building and machines and 22 phone lines. now, iphone. >> laptop. >> my iphone. you don't need that. >> you don't need that. >> no, you don't. >> just need the iphone. >> just the iphone. >> sinbad where the name comes from? >> the sold sinbad shows, eye of the tiger. worst special effects ever, i thought it was so cool and i wanted to be that guy. >> you are that guy. do you have writers? >> if you work with me you become a writer. i steal from your life. i steal what you do. my kids, my wife, everything that happens in life is what i
   most of the country will be putting this core together. it tame from superintendent, came from governors and this is what they concluded. >> came from a lot of teachers that want to explain why scores are so low with the kids. not surprising the united states has slipped ten spots in high school and college grades in the last three decades. we're now 17th in global education. finland and south korea number one and number two. if we start splashing around three times four equals 11 where will he be in that list. >> hit us up on facebook or twitter. we would love to hear from you. >> straight ahead a 9-year-old child killed by a popular toy. the hidden danger you need to be aware of. >> obama care making it easier for thieves to steal your money and private information.
   ♪ >>anna: almost the unofficial end of summer. folks are getting ready for labor day weekend and we are too. we're finishing our all american summer concert series. today we have country superstar justin moore. >>tucker: they're amazing already before 6 a.m. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. brian kilmeade, where are you? >>brian: here's the thing. i know it's tradition for the anchors to screw together the stage every thursday night leading into friday morning. i feel bad you two had to do it yourself because i'm out on the road. >>tucker: it was a labor of love. >>brian: how much room is there on the couch right now? tremendous. >>anna: we miss you. >>tucker: you're in dallas, texas. what are you doing there? >>brian: this is the seventh patriot golf day. as you guys know and hopefully you know at home, this day people go out anywhere you golf to participate in clubs, and a portion of the proceeds of
   i just -- i don't know what would have happened and i don't even want to think about what would have happened if the help hadn't come. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> good. >> reporter: whitney and her son benefitted from bay area surgical management's new safety net program which is offering free medical services to 1,000 patients who qualify in santa clara county. >> if you're pregnant and you have prenatal issues or a sick child, you don't have insurance, you have to compete with level one trauma victims. and that's where we fill the gap. >> from flu to fractures to foot surgery. the program offers patients specialized care. >> reporter: the safety net program was rolled out and so far 150 surgeons and specialists have agreed to offer free care. this doctor helped save a patient's life by surgically removing his cancerous bladder tumor. >> i see people who come in late because of these issues because they didn't have coverage. >> reporter: now the uninsured and underinsured in the south bay have a place to turn that's eliminating their physical pain
   marianne favro joins us live in santa clara with the new program. she is at an urgent care center giving patients a life line and so many people desperately need th this, marianne. >> reporter: there certainly is a need, jessica. about ten out of every 100 patients that come here to santa clara urgent care will now receive free medical care thanks to the new safety net program. and that care could even include surgery. >> thank you, honey. >> reporter: 3-year-old alexandra is all smiles now that he's recovered from a severe chest infection. >> he had a fever of 102 and then the day i brought him in it was 103. >> reporter: single mom whitney weaver had no job and no insurance, but when she came here to santa clara urgent care center, alexander got an exam, received several x-rays and a prescription for medication, all for free. >> they were willing to fund the bill so he could get the care he needed. it means so much to me. i just -- i don't know what
   eliminating their physical pain and the financial pain that often comes with it. >> i feel good. >> you feel good? your chest hurts no more? nope? >> reporter: we're glad to see that he's feeling much better. the founders of the safety net program hope to extend it at urgent care centers in redwood city and san jose. if you'd like to apply for the program go to and click on safety net. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >>> protesters forced an early end to a public meeting at the board of regents today. the protesters in sacramento called themselves the student chain gang, suggesting they're prisoners to rising tuition. tuition has tripled in the past 12 years, and regents are considering another 6% increase for this fall. but not all those who demonstrated today were students. >> we're seeing our best faculty lured away to other
   as we get in the afternoon hours it is all about the eagles and football. we will that have forecast with the full and exclusive accu weather seven day, walter. >> all right, melissa. >>> a large party took place for a new non-profit call the b foundation. honey bash raised fund for brain aneurysm research and awareness. two sisters founded it in memory of her cuss honey died of a brain aneurysm at the age of 27. moved to action when they realize there are very few
   happen and as jessica was saying it's going to happen late because the terror of what would happen if it doesn't, you go back and you remember tarp, remember they voted that down and then they had to go back up the stock market fell 770 points and everybody is trying to gain the system where they can vote no and it passes. but you need like 218 house members to vote yes. somebody's got to by the the bullet before it's over. >> michele bachmann and some other republican members of congress are saying things will be tough but fine if there's no deal by the deadline, that the dire warnings by the president and others are just scare tactics. as a former businesswoman what do you think? >> well, i disagree with that. i think we must raise the debt kr50e8ing. and i think what's disappointing to so many americans is that a deal that could have been passed, that would have been passed has been on the table for at least six months. and that deal started with oklahoma's deficit commission reporting out the deal involves lowering the corporate tax rate and closing the corporate tax loop holes. it involves reforming
   it was invented in 1924 at the military academy in japan. it was a sword art that was designed to teach japanese soldiers sword arts quickly and it was designed to teach to defend yourself from different directions and attacks are very short and the responses are very short and it was also designed to teach you to cut with live swords or live blades as part of the curriculum. >> reporter: when you say live swords, you mean they are razor sharp swords? >> yes. >> reporter: but you don't start with that. you start with what i have. >> this is a kind of a blade, it's a dull aluminum blade and you draw it out like this. >> okay. >> and you put the sword in front of you and that's the basic position that you would attack your enemy from. it's kind of a guard position between you and your opponent. some of the other guard positions is you come up in this position, you would attack and then in i wanted to cut right now, i would make a big cut and cut my opponent and that's how i would take out an opponent from there. so there are many aspects, eight different cuts, eight ways of putting the sword away
   kend except you're going to add the target if. >> yes. >> reporter: do you yell too? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: of course. stupid question. >> it's men to here, kotai to here, do to the side and shinay both the outsides and the insides of the shins are legal. so what we are going to do -- so square, square and from here, one step up, one step down, men. >> reporter: sorry. men. you know what? my time is fleeting so i want to make sure people understand you can also mix it up so a kendo person can fight a nogginato person. let's see how that works. ray what do you get out of doing this as we watch this? >> a lot of fun. >> reporter: yeah? >> i've been doing this for about 15, 16 years now.
   she is with the capitol area -- okay, is it budokai in alexandria. >> budokai is how you say it. i learned this morning as well. it's a very loud form of martial arts. just when i thought i've been signed up for everything, my wonderful producer finds this and he found it in alexandria where we are live this morning. i want to call over brian kerri. thanks for having us here this morning. this is fascinating. >> i'm glad you like it. >> so for people who don't know anything about budokai, what is it exactly? >> well budo is a martial arts budo, it's supposed to be something more than fighting. it's supposed to be spiritual development, character building et cetera. budokai is an association of people who practice budo. >> reporter: several different disciplines that fall under budokai? >> there's kendo, nogginato, zoto when they practice with a staff and also hudo where they
   privileges, leading to the perpetuation, and i've argued this before, of mexico's suboptimal capitalism accompanied by bad social policy. the institutionization of a permanent underclass of 50 million people, 23 million of
   vince is a girl soon talks about alcohol-related problems and all fetal syndrome in drinking mothers. washington on journal, life tuesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> officials with the red cross
   grin and a mischievous victory sign mr. trump was making news. here's a look. [video clip] whos there anyone on stage is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual ee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?
   >> collection out of a table tv chef. isn't it useful to have retain the shoe shine kit for this long? i retrieved the contraband past
   some of the top moments. >> huckabee surprised me because he was very articulate very relatable and he made a lot of very good points. >> reporter: reaction is pouring in after the first g.o.p. presidential debate, the president, hosted by "fox news", taking place in cleveland, thursday night. >> if i'm our nominee we will be the party of the future. >> reporter: it wasn't too
   news is next followed by tmz dish nation, then tune into chasing news and the simpsons. we got it all. >> fox 29 weekend starts at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. remember, your mega millions lottery drawing is next. thanks for
   making sure things move on time and seamlessly. behind the scenes of this recently resurrected fully loaded state of the art amphitheater in east fairmount park. >> it was almost lost, joyce, and what a tragedy it would have been if the dell music center had closed and never reopen. ♪
   and seamlessly. behind the scenes of this recently resurrected fully loaded state of the art amphitheater in east fairmount park. >> it was almost lost, joyce, and what a tragedy it would have been if the dell music center had closed and never reopen. >> reporter: few people
   through and you did break through in that debate. let me run a quick click. >> okay. stuart: the very funny. doctor carson, roll tape. >> i haven't said anything about me being the only one to do anything, so, let me try that. i'm the only one that separates siamese twins.
   >>> defunded planned parenthood four years ago long before any of this came out. >> prosecute planned parenthood for any criminal violations. >> absolutely, we need to defund planned parenthood. >> as governor of the state of florida i defunded planned parenthood. >> gop presidential candidates making it clear at the debates they would defund planned parenthood as another disturbing video is released, and hillary
   made the decision when they were starting work at 14 that they wanted to trust some of their money with the government. whose fault is it that the system is screwed up? is it the recipients or is it the government? the fair tax transforms the process by which we fund social security and medicare because the money paid at consumption is paid by everybody, including